Day: January 17, 2014

Inside the resurrection of Last Comic Standing, talking to executive producers (present) Page Hurwitz and (past) Barry Katz

A lot can happen in four years. Just look up at that photo, from the last time we gathered to celebrate and commiserate over the stand-up comedy competition known as Last Comic Standing on NBC. Felipe Esparza, laying amid his cash-prize winnings on the floor in the foreground as the grand-prize winner of LCS season seven. Esparza is in three different movie projects this year, but alas, we haven’t heard much from him in the meantime, since he and the other Last Comic finalists performed on a North American stand-up theater tour. Behind Esparza, from left to right: His...

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A graphic representation of race and gender in the cast of Saturday Night Live

What do you get the First Lady who turns 50? How about a woman almost half her age who can make fun of her on Saturday Night Live? It took until now for SNL to hire a cast member who could impersonate Michelle Obama, and we’ll likely see Sasheer Zamata make her debut live from New York on Saturday night. Our friends over at the Huffington Post think SNL’s lack of racial and even gender diversity isn’t so funny, though. So they made up this infographic to make it clearer for...

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Documentary filmmaker of Tom’s Restaurant scores footage of Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Jason Alexander filming a Super commercial

Earlier this week, when Jerry Seinfeld met up with Jason Alexander and Seinfeld’s co-creator Larry David at the sitcom’s iconic diner location of Monk’s, the filmmaker directing a real documentary about the real Tom’s Restaurant also was on the scene in New York City’s Morningside Heights. Gian Franco Morini, director of Tom’s Restaurant – A Documentary About Everything,¬†told The Comic’s Comic that Seinfeld, Alexander and David were filming a TV commercial to air during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2014. Morini has shared five minutes of his footage outside of Tom’s from Monday afternoon’s Seinfeld reunion. David, walking...

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Christian Finnegan on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Christian Finnegan and his wife, Kambri, live in NYC, but have mixed feelings about it. Which makes them real New Yorkers! Don’t take my word for it. Let Finnegan explain in his stand-up set from Thursday’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. As a compromise, Finnegan and his wife bought a cabin in the woods. And as anyone who has ever watched a movie knows, that means horror! Well, maybe not once you’re in your 40s. Roll the...

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Conan O’Brien on the problems with photoshoots for comedians

Conan O’Brien had Shameless star Emmy Rossum on Thursday night’s episode of Conan, and after sharing the recent cover shot Rossum scored for Complex magazine, Rossum, fellow guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt and O’Brien opened up about how difficult it can be to comply with the directives of photographers. Especially, O’Brien said, if you’re a comedian. “I’ve found that if you’re in comedy, and you show up for any kind of photo shoot, they’re always wanting you to do something ‘wacky.’ Usually the night before, they’ve had a couple of ideas. And then you show up, and it’s like, ‘We built...

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