Day: January 8, 2014

Scott Bateman’s Disalmanac map of frozen America co-opted by USA Today; Bateman to get last laugh: “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

Scott Bateman knows what it’s like to have multiple identities and realities. Sure, he has a couple thousand followers of his personal Twitter feed @Disalmanacarian, but that’s nothing compared to the almost 70,000 following him @Disalmanac, the feed that has birthed fun facts and witty charts and graphs — which has spawned a website, a book, a new gig at Medium, and a map this past week of our frozen “polar vortex” nation that got lifted by national newspaper USA Today (see above). Bateman let his friends and followers know about the graphics heist yesterday, and updated us all this...

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Lil Duval’s late-night debut on The Arsenio Hall Show

Lil Duval made his late-night stand-up debut on Tuesday night’s Arsenio, and couldn’t help but have some fun loving the way his host introduced him. Lil Duval, who is single, ladies, also wanted the single ladies to know that they’re all being duped if they’re taking their cues from Beyonce. Ain’t that America, though? No. Ain’t That America. It’s Lil Duval’s show on MTV2, which returns Jan. 15 for a new season. He wants you to watch. But first, watch this. And here is one of those Instagram photos Lil Duval was taking about...

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