Day: January 7, 2014

David Koechner’s flashback to iO Chicago with Andy Richter, on Conan

You’ve seen this photo of late 1980s improv group Comedy Underground with comedians Andy Richter and David Koechner when they were younger and their builds were thin but their hair was not. They performed with Jay Leggett, who died late last year. Koechner was on Conan last night, though, and revealed that before he and Richter improvised together in Chicago, he was Richter’s improv teacher at iO (improv Olympic). Well, improv is a strong word. You also, if you were Koechner, refer to improv as: “The old make ’em up as you go along-sies” “The off the cuffies” “The...

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Na’im Lynn on The Arsenio Hall Show

Na’im Lynn performed on Monday night’s episode of Arsenio, but the stand-up comedian knows better than to look this video up on YouTube and read the comments. Not that that’s going to stop him, as he testifies in this new clip. It could be worse, though. He could be hearing another famous white person dropping racial slurs again. That was a thing that happened quite a bit in 2013. Let’s hope for better in...

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Saturday Night Live hires Sasheer Zamata as featured player to join cast midseason 2014

When NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams announces your hiring, then you know you’ve arrived — no matter the job. Such was the case Monday night for comedian Sasheer Zamata, added to the cast of Saturday Night Live as a featured player. SNL is still on winter break, so Zamata officially joins next week for the Jan. 18, 2014, show with host/musical guest Drake. But enough about the news, and more about the woman making the news. Zamata was among two dozen women who auditioned for SNL between Thanksgiving and Christmas in Lorne Michaels’ bid to put to rest...

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NBC orders Craig Robinson’s “Mr. Robinson” to series with initial six episodes

Craig Robinson’s post-Office career will continue with parent company NBC, after all. The Peacock Network on Monday ordered an initial six-episode run of his 2012 sitcom pilot, Mr. Robinson, or at least some version thereof. It’ll definitely star Robinson as a musician who’s slumming it as a middle-school music teacher. ┬áIt definitely won’t feature his former e.p. from The Office, Greg Daniels, as his showrunner; nor 2013 pilot writer Owen Ellickson. Nor will it even feature some cast members from the 2013 pilot (Kumail Nanjiani) who have moved on to other TV projects. Cast deals for the supporting roles...

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