Day: December 25, 2013

Start your stand-up career earlier than anyone on your block with this “Clap & Laugh Microphone Set” for children!

You know it’s a full-fledged comedy boom when they’re manufacturing and marketing stand-up comedy toys for kids! From friend of the site J.P. Buck came a #LastMinuteGifts photo of a “Clap & Laugh Microphone Set” on sale for $29.99. From the company Toys To Grow On, it’s marketed to children as young as 4 years old up to age 12 with the following description: Every show is a smash hit with this cool, real-working mikeā€”kids just step on the pedals to hear laughter and applause! The set includes a long cord, volume control and a jack for a radio,...

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Henry Zebrowski on his GIF dance moment with Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Whether or not you see The Wolf of Wall Street this Christmas, you’ve already likely seen the dance moves star Leonardo DiCaprio puts on in a scene shown in many of the trailers — comedian/actor Henry Zebrowski is right there grooving along, too, in between DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. My friendly colleagues at VH1 and Meghan O’Keefe sat down with Zebrowski to talk about his GIF movie moment. Everybody dance...

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Santa freestyle raps his presents for New York City tourists

The UCB pitched this video in an email as if it were one of those dumb misleading Upworthy things, and you’ll never believe what happened next: I still wrote a post about it! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Watch as Santa (Flytracker) and his helper elf (Shockwave, aka Chris Sullivan) treat tourists and passersby outside of Rockefeller Plaza and Macy’s. Ask and ye shall receive. Receive your gifts rapped up freestyle, that is. Roll the...

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