Day: December 20, 2013

Daddy knows he doesn’t know best: The League’s Steve Rannazzisi talks about growing up to become a “Manchild”

Real men do eat quiche. And so do manchildren. Steve Rannazzisi ordered a quiche right in front of me on Thursday at Le Pain Quotidien across the street from Rockefeller Plaza. If the thought of that leaves a weird taste in your mouth, get a load of this clip from Rannazzisi’s new stand-up special, Manchild, which debuted last month on Comedy Central and is now available in CD/DVD. It involves one of his children and their babysitter. No happy endings here. Rannazzisi stopped to talk with The Comic’s Comic over lunch before his shows this weekend at Caroline’s on...

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Judd Apatow and Jay Leno reminisce about their first interview together in 1983

Judd Apatow appeared on Thursday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote Anchorman 2, but host and guest also took a couple of minutes to make it a Throwback Thursday. Way back 30 years, to 1983. When Apatow was in high school and interviewing dozens of comedians for his self-produced school radio show in Long Island, and he made the trip to New Jersey to catch up with Leno before/after a gig at Rascals Comedy Club. You see the photo. Now hear here a snippet of audio (Apatow also has shared archived clips in recent years with podcasts such...

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Jon Stewart’s surprise farewell tribute brought John Oliver to tears on his final day at The Daily Show

You’d be nuts to think John Oliver’s final night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart would pass by without an appropriate farewell tribute. And yet. Oliver thought he’d be filing one last report as the “Senior Royal Correspondent” to offer his insightful jokes to Stewart about hacked communications among the British Royal Family that included Queen Elizabeth’s penchant for nuts. Nuts, I tell you! Nuts! It was all a ruse, and Stewart surprised Oliver in the Comedy Central studio by interrupting him to take a long (but not nearly long enough) look back on Oliver’s seven-and-a-half years with...

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