Day: December 10, 2013

Nick Kroll teases Season Two of Kroll Show on Comedy Central

Nick Kroll’s sketch comedy character study and TV parody, Kroll Show, returns for a second season on Comedy Central on Jan. 14, 2014. But you can catch up on the best of season one as well as sneak peeks from season two tonight. And Kroll gave The Comic’s Comic a tease, as well. What Kroll told us: “I think honestly, though, it is an extension of everything we were doing in season one, and just continuing to grow these worlds out. It sounds sort of like a quote-y thing, but it really is what we’re doing. So every character –...

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Tiffany Haddish on The Arsenio Hall Show

You know how your mother told you to make sure you wore clean underwear before leaving the house? Tiffany Haddish had her SHE READY panties on for Arsenio on Monday night, and she also had a direct message for Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live, just in case they’re ever ready for a black woman in the cast again. Roll the...

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An Oral History of Craig? Kyle Dunnigan on the evolution of Craig and “Craig’s All-Star Rockin’ Christmas, You Guys!”

Kyle Dunnigan has been “Craig” almost as long as he has been Kyle. Dunnigan — a stand-up comedian, writer for Inside Amy Schumer, podcaster with Tig Notaro (“Professor Blastoff“) and actor — first appeared as Craig Pullin, Deputy Wiegel’s demented boyfriend on Reno 911! a decade ago. Now Craig has released a full-on Christmas album, Craig’s All Star, Rockin’ Christmas, You Guys! But the character has been part of Dunnigan since childhood. “I have a picture when I was like 9 years old doing it,” he told The Comic’s Comic, sharing that photo (below). “I always did it. I...

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Pro-Tip: Replying to eHarmony’s 15 Reasons To Date A Comedian

The dating site eHarmony recently published/republished an advice listicle for the ladies titled “15 Reasons to Date a Comedian.” What could possibly go awry with that premise? Am I right, ladies? What about the lady comedians, or as we call them, comedians? Knowing that the end of 2013 is turning into one giant hoax on all of us, I jokingly suggested this was the latest such prank to troll us all into a hellish neverending abysss. And yet. eHarmony replied, as you can see above. No joke. “Just a fun article,” the person handling @eHarmony’s handle wrote, adding a...

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