Month: November 2013

How They Did It: Behind the scenes of the making of SNL’s Wes Anderson horror movie parody trailer

For all the wonder and amazement that goes into the fact that much of Saturday Night Live still happens live on TV on Saturday nights, it’s sometimes even more amazing just how much work in such little time goes into making the pre-taped digital films and completing them in time for broadcast. Take the Halloween-flavored horror film spoof of Wes Anderson’s movies, for example. Alex Buono, the director of photography for SNL’s film unit, shares all of the gory details that went into executing a great concept that was approved on Wednesday night and completed at the very moment...

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“I Do Improv,” by Hard Left Productions

Need a fun little ditty about improv comedy that anyone can enjoy, whether you love improvising, hate improvisers, or hate to love loving to hate all of the above! Roll it. From Hard Left Productions, straight out of Boston. Lyrics by Robert Woo. Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along… I do motherfucking improv That’s how I get my motherfucking rocks off One stage, two chairs, is all I need cuz I do fucking improv Classes at the UCB, stage time at the PIT Did a show at IO West, yo that was the shit Call...

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Brian Regan holds the line on Late Show with David Letterman

Has Brian Regan really performed 27 times now on Late Show with David Letterman? Or is it 27 times overall, including NBC and CBS late-night spots? Either way, quite an accomplishment. Just keeping count, or maintaining your spot in line, is something, too. As Regan reminds us in this set from Friday night’s show, in which he jokes about people who act as if their backpacks don’t take up all of our personal space, and entire families now trying to cut us in line. No cutting! Roll the...

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SNL #39.5 RECAP: Host Kerry Washington, musical guest Eminem

If you thought the timing of casting Kerry Washington as guest host of Saturday Night Live seemed suspicious when you first heard about it a couple of weeks ago, then seeing what happened live on Saturday night on NBC…wow. Just wow. Before you launch into your arguments about how SNL hasn’t had a black woman in its cast since 2007 and how that’s just inexcusable because of First Lady Michelle Obama, because of Oprah, or just because, the show opened cold and more than addressed the issue, breaking the fourth wall as if Lorne Michaels thought that would make...

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Sheng Wang on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell

Safety first! That’s the message behind the jokes that began Sheng Wang‘s set on Thursday night’s episode of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell on FXX. And talk about topical: Rats were in the news in Thursday’s tabloid newspapers, and in Wang’s jokes, too! Oh, also the latest takes on U.S. diplomacy with Russia and a lawsuit about a guy who went without food and water for four days, and what happened to that guy in those four days. Roll the...

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