Day: November 20, 2013

Bill Cosby’s extended interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

If you saw Bill Cosby on last night’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, then you heard them reminisce about the very recent past — earlier this month, Cos performed on the Stand-Up For Heroes benefit Stewart hosted for Wounded Warriors during the New York Comedy Festival. Cosby being Cosby, he gave Stewart the business for earning cheap laughs through profanity. But this led back several decades to Cosby seeing Lenny Bruce in action in New York City, and the “stupid” audiences who would pay to see Bruce, only to walk out on him due to his language. If...

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“Where Are They Now?” Oprah asks: Carrot Top hasn’t gone anywhere, still headlining Las Vegas

Carrot Top was headlining shows on the Las Vegas Strip when I launched The Comic’s Comic in Vegas six years ago, and the prop comic born Scott Thompson still is entertaining Vegas crowds today — headlining at the Luxor six nights a week. Here’s the new Luxor promo clip for Carrot Top, uploaded in September: And yet, too many people — Oprah among them — Carrot Top might as well be invisible. So there he was this past weekend, profiled anew on Oprah’s latest “Where Are They Now?” special on OWN (along with Hulk Hogan and Cris Judd) over the weekend....

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Reggie Watts live music video, “Information,” on Conan

The 1980s were alive and lip-synched Monday night on Conan, as favored musical comedic guest Reggie Watts was on hand for something, well, completely different from his usual completely different performances. For one thing, he wasn’t alone onstage. Watts had The Dance Cartel with him to shake, shimmy and move to the groove. For another, Watts wasn’t improvising for a change. Instead, he and The Dance Cartel had a choreographed routine to showcase for you while you listened to Watts’s song, “Information.” What was your favorite part? The guy dressed like Adam Ant? The subtle Breakfast Club references? I...

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