Day: November 18, 2013

Steve Martin receives an honorary Oscar from the Academy Awards

Steve Martin has hosted the Academy Awards three times, but never won an Oscar until this weekend, when the Academy awarded him with one of its honorary Governors Awards. Tom Hanks and Martin Short helped introduce Martin at the star-studded banquet. Here is Martin’s heartfelt acceptance speech. Roll it! Martin Short’s tribute for Steve Martin: Tom Hanks introduces Martin: Martin mentioned Bill Taylor, too. They met way back in 1962 at Disneyland. Here was Taylor talking about Martin: Martin’s filmography began with the 1977 short film, The Absent-Minded Waiter, and so far has included: THE JERK (1979; writer and...

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Kickstarting generations, genders of stand-up comedy: Moms Mabley, in a new HBO documentary by Whoopi Goldberg

She had played Carnegie Hall, headlined the Apollo with Cab Calloway for decades, but in 1967, Dick Smothers introduced her to a whole new audience, saying: “Some of you may not have heard of her yet. She’s only started recently doing television.” She was Jackie “Moms” Mabley. “She’s been lost somewhere in history,” said Joan Rivers, “somewhere in comedic history. Nobody looks at female comedians as groundbreakers or as commentators on what’s going on in the world, because we do it with comedy. All comedy is and all she was was a lady standing up there, telling the truth.” What...

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Kate Hendricks performs on The View

Kate Hendricks stars in a webseries, “Kate the WASP,” that juxtaposes her White Anglo-Saxon Protestant character in settings dominated by other ethnicities and heritages for comedic effect. Exhibit A (Kate the WASP celebrates Kwanzaa) and Exhibit B (Kate the WASP goes to GoogaMooga) already have been entered into evidence here. So what happens when Hendricks performs stand-up comedy in the morning on TV for the audience at ABC’s The View, where she’s playing to older women such as WASPs and Sherri Shepherd who’d befriend Kate the WASP? Roll the clip and find out! This is from Friday’s episode, in...

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John Oliver was so good at substitute hosting The Daily Show, HBO is letting him host his own weekly show in 2014

John Oliver did such a stellar job substituting this summer as host of The Daily Show, everyone just naturally assumed Oliver had become the de facto successor to Jon Stewart whenever he’d decide to step down from his role atop Comedy Central’s late-night talk show. Did they think nobody else noticed? HBO certainly saw Oliver as an affable, capable host for the right now, and signed him up late last week to host his very own weekly late-night talk show, on Sunday nights come early 2014. “We weren’t otherwise searching for another weekly talk show, but when we saw...

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