Day: October 31, 2013

Adam Devine on showcasing stand-ups in his Comedy Central “House Party” and being a successful Workaholic

Adam Devine’s House Party debuted last week and airs late-late night on Thursday nights into Friday mornings on Comedy Central. It’s different from your typical stand-up showcase not only in its set-up — Devine invites young comedians over to his rented mansion for a big ol’ bash and films sketches inside the party in addition to the stand-up sets out back. But also: the host with his name in the title is still only 29 himself. Devine (who turns 30 on Nov. 6) has enough credit in credits to boast to be the host. He co-created and co-stars in...

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Calvin and Hobbes alive and dancing; Bill Watterson grants rare interview as documentary hits screens

Orange and black aren’t just for Halloween or hot new Netflix titles, but also the primary colors of tigers such as Hobbes of “Calvin and Hobbes.” For anyone who grew up with newspapers from 1985 to 1995, Bill Watterson’s comic strip about a boy and his stuffed tiger and their adventures together carried them all to an imaginary wonderland. And it’s all coming back to us now. Like right now. A new documentary, Dear Mr. Watterson, examines the impact and influence of Watterson’s “Calvin and Hobbes.” And the cartoonist himself has granted a rare interview to Mental Floss. If...

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Tommy Davidson on The Arsenio Hall Show

I love Arsenio because I’m never quite sure if I’m watching it in 2013 or 1993 because this version of The Arsenio Hall Show somehow manages to exist in both years simultaneously. On Wednesday night’s show, guest Naya Rivera reminded us that she was on the earlier version of Arsenio when she was but a wee small child. Later, Tommy Davidson came out to perform stand-up. We know it’s not the 1990s anymore because Davidson has an extended impersonation of President Barack Obama. But Tommy also wants to make the case for a “white woman” President of the United...

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Conventional Wisdom Hive Mind Alert: Halloween Hall of Fame, Costumes of The Year (1982-2013)

Happy Halloween! Since today is Thursday, plenty of Halloween parties already have taken place last weekend, but that’s not stopping millions of Americans young and old from dressing up and hitting the streets tonight in search of tricks and treats. But how many of them have the same bright idea each year? Coloring for Grown-Ups assembled perhaps the most popular costumes of the year for 2013 and the 31 previous Halloweens. You’ll note that comedy plays a much larger role among adults when picking their party fashions. Are you thinking what everyone else was thinking? Check the chart and...

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