Day: October 24, 2013

Follow the money: Nore Davis in The New Yorker on making $ as an aspiring stand-up in the city

The New Yorker has published an interesting short film and interview with stand-up comedian Nore Davis about the economics of trying to make it as a stand-up comedian in New York City. Davis, from Yonkers just north of the city, has appeared recently on MTV’s Nikki and Sara LIVE, and also Comedy Central’s Russell Simmons Presents The Ruckus. When he’s not on the road, Davis appears regularly in the city at Comic Strip Live, Stand-Up NY and Broadway Comedy Club. He told The New Yorker that he kept a day job in graphic design until he was 27. Chasing gigs to...

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The night Richard Pryor announced his return to stand-up, interviewed by Steve Martin on The Tonight Show (1978)

You know, kids, there was a time not so long ago when comedians weren’t always talking to each other on microphones and sharing everything about their lives with you via podcasts. Try to remember way back when, to 2008. You got that? OK. Good. Now go back another 30 years to 1978. Imagine Steve Martin at the height of his white-hot, white-suit stand-up days, about to sell a million copies of his Grammy-winning “A Wild And Crazy Guy” album, and on June 19, 1978, filling in for Johnny Carson as guest host of The Tonight Show. Martin’s guest is stand-up...

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NBC to revive American Comedy Awards for 2014

The Comedy Awards may have left us, but the American Comedy Awards have returned. Hooray, America!? NBC announced on Wednesday that it had acquired the rights to the American Comedy Awards — which had aired from the 1980s through 2001, and created by George Schlatter — with a new revived version to be telecast in May 2014. Comedy Central had stepped into the comedy awards void with The Comedy Awards in 2010 and and 2011, only to disappear back into said void. Don Mischer Productions once again will handle production of the awards. At least these ACAs will take...

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