Day: October 22, 2013

Season two of “Stand Up and Deliver” on NUVOtv

The second season of NUVOtv’s Stand Up & Deliver premieres tonight, with back-to-back episodes featuring headliners Maz Jobrani and Erik Griffin. It’s hosted by Julissa Bermudez and Jose Sarduy, with four stand-up comedians showcased in each half-hour episode. After tonight’s back-to-back episodes at 10 and 10:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, eight more episodes will follow weekly on Tuesday nights through Dec. 17. Roll the clips! Maz Jobrani on his nanny: And happy feet: Erik Griffin on the joys of satellite radio: The lineups for season two: Ep. 201: With Maz Jobrani, Joey Bragg, Nick Guerra and Omar Elba Ep. 202: With Erik Griffin, Amir K,...

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Pee-wee Herman tricks Scott Aukerman with treats for Comedy Bang! Bang!’s Halloween episode on IFC

Trick or treat! It’s not a trick, but mostly treats this week as Pee-wee Herman visits IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday night for its Halloween episode. If Pee-wee is dressed up as a cowboy, then what is Paul Reubens dressed up as, exactly? Now that’s a trick question. Here’s a preview of Pee-wee’s visit with host Scott Aukerman, treating him to some trail mix and other snacks he has cooked up this fall. In this second clip, Pee-wee explains he went to witch school. Which school? You get it. Having established all that and then some, Pee-wee conjures...

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Sneak peek at sneaky Pete Holmes impersonate Conan, check out first lineups, tapings for “The Pete Holmes Show” on TBS

Add another late-night TV show to your late-night TV viewing rounds, as The Pete Holmes Show has announced its lineups for the first two weeks of broadcasts at midnight Mondays-Thursdays on TBS, as well as the first three weeks of tapings. Set your TVs, DVRs and all reminders that mark your calendar for the half-hour The Pete Holmes Show. His first guests will be heavy on comedy: Monday, Oct. 28: Kumail Nanjiani, plus Pete visits Jon Stewart in New York Tuesday, Oct. 29: Allison Williams Wednesday, Oct. 30: Jim Jefferies, plus Pete visits NBA All Star James Harden in Houston Thursday, Oct....

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Watch Sarah Silverman’s unaired pilot, “Susan 313,” which NBC didn’t pick up in 2012

When TV networks sign a “put pilot” deal, the suits are essentially telling the talent that they’ll put their pilot on TV, and if not, they’ll give them even more money to back up that promise. Yet you didn’t see Sarah Silverman’s semi-autobiographical single-cam, Susan 313, on the fall 2012 primetime schedule for NBC; nor this winter’s or spring’s midseason slate. Thanks to Silverman’s association with the JASH YouTube channel, though, you can see it right now. Or at a different 22 minutes of moments that’s more convenient for you to tube. Susan 313 would have starred Silverman as...

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The “Arrested Development” movie that creator Mitch Hurwitz would make right now. Honestly. For Netflix. October 2013 NYTVF edition answer.

Don’t stop just because you think you’ve heard this all before. So many times. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz said he wants to to make an AD movie. But this time, this Monday night, in conversation with New York magazine’s John Sellers for the keynote conversation Monday night to kick off the 2013 New York Television Festival, Hurwitz has an honest-to-goodness honest answer about what that movie would look like now — as well as what it would take to make it happen via Netflix and 20th Century Fox in late 2013 and into 2014. Hurwitz first told the...

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