Day: October 18, 2013

The Birthday Boys on their intentions, influences and their TV debut on IFC tonight

It’s a classic story, really. Boys meet in rural college. Boys move to Hollywood to pursue fame and fortune. Boys sign up for comedy classes at hippest theater in town. Boys eventually meet other boys. Boys fall in comedy love and form sketch group. Boys perform for sketch comedy legend. Mentor becomes partner. Boys get TV deal. You’ve heard this story once, you’ve heard it once, I tell you. Such is the fast-track version story of how The Birthday Boys made their way from Ithaca College to Los Angeles and to your TV sets and mobile devices tonight with...

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Andrew “Dice” Clay performs his classic nursery rhymes on The Arsenio Hall Show

“You asked for it! You asked for it.” It didn’t take that much asking, begging or pleading from Arsenio Hall last night to coax Andrew “Dice” Clay to bring the “Diceman” back over to the stand-up mic during their panel discussion on last night’s Arsenio. Dice just turned 56; Arsenio is 57. So they’re all older now. We’re all older now. After a few jokes acknowledging that, Dice broke out the old nursery rhymes that he turned dirty, turning him into a superstar. And as he reminds us, these were the cleaner ones. Roll the clip and reflect on...

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