Day: October 14, 2013

IFC’s “Comedy Drop” surprises people with live stand-up comedy

You’re hankering for a slice of pizza, so you slide on into your favorite spot, and just as you’re satisfying your hunger pains, what to your surprise interrupts your everything but a stand-up comedian with his or her own microphone and camera crew?! That’s what happens in the first episode of IFC’s new webseries, Comedy Drop, with Liam McEneaney kicking things off with an impromptu couple of minutes at the Two Boots pizzeria in the East Village. Wait. Hold on. You mean the pizza place that’s next to a live comedy venue already? So close. And yet, what a...

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What’s your favorite SNL character name? Meet Bobby Moynihan’s “Kirby J. Buttercream”

What’s your favorite SNL character? No, I mean, by name. By full name. I don’t know that we ever learned who Stefon really was, nor that anyone really cared if Gilly had a last name. And it may have taken a few tries before we learned how to spell Dooneese Meryl, Kristen Wiig’s mutant member of the Meryl Sisters from the Finger Lakes, who recurred multiple times in a parody of The Lawrence Welk Show. But my new favorite SNL character name is Kirby J. Buttercream, the fun feline-loving astronaut played by Bobby Moynihan. It’s right there on his...

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Comedy Central blurs the line between linear, digital departments in restructuring

Over the past few years, Comedy Central has embraced the transition to digital consumption — first with releasing stand-up comedy albums in digital-only releases, and more recently with production and distribution of webseries that don’t make it onto the cable TV channel. Today, Comedy Central announced an internal restructuring of its company to reflect this brave new world. “We’ve dismantled the department formerly known as ‘digital’ to create an organization that better serves our fans and advertisers,” said Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless. “Our fans don’t use the word ‘digital’ to talk about content and now, neither do we.”...

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Simon Amstell on Late Show with David Letterman

Simon Amstell is a young chap from the U.K. on his own on the road and at home. And despite his youth, he has some honestly dark and amusing insight into a life lived in isolation. No rules! Perhaps there should be some rules. Or at least one rule. Failing that, morphine. Failing that? Magic. Failing that? Sex. “I miss the magic.” Here is Amstell’s performance on Friday night’s Late Show with David Letterman. Roll the...

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Brian McKim on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Brian McKim, aka “The Male Half” of Shecky Magazine, performed on Friday night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. For this set, McKim proved he’s still bringing the laughs per minute 25 years after he first decided to do so for a living. Jokes, jokes, jokes. Do you suppose “The Female Half” prefers being referred to as “a rescue” or his “ex-girlfriend” more? No. I’m just taking McKim’s advice here when I say and type “no.” Stay for the chainsaw joke! Heck, stay for them all. Roll the...

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