Day: October 1, 2013

R.I.P. Monty Hoffman (1952-2013)

Monty Hoffman, one of the funny people gathered for a roundtable pep talk about comedy with Adam Sandler’s fictional alter-ego in Judd Apatow’s Funny People, has died. Hoffman was 60. About getting Hoffman at the table with Carol Leifer, George Wallace, Paul Reiser and Mark Schiff for a “Broadway Danny Rose” kind of scene, Apatow said in a making-of feature for his film: “That was very exciting. Especially for me and Adam, who dreamed of being like those guys.” Hoffman, born Dec. 15, 1952, and raised in New York with eight siblings, had lived with diabetes in his later...

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John Henton on The Arsenio Hall Show

You may remember this next comedian from the 1990s. That’s not what Arsenio Hall said, exactly, when introducing stand-up comedian John Henton to his show on Monday night, but he might as well have, telling audience members they knew Henton from his roles on Living Single (1993-1998) and The Hughleys (1998-2002). Welcome to 2013. And here and now, Henton still had women in the audience screaming about his reference to Living Single, and he still had jokes about working on that sitcom. He also had “random thought” observational jokes, or as the kids might call them, Tweets. Also: No...

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Animated: Patrice O’Neal’s “Black Women Get You Refunds” bit from “Mr. P”

Today we’re treated to a newly animated bit from the posthumous Patrice O’Neal album, “Mr. P.” This is his stand-up bit, “Black Women Get You Refunds.” Of course it’s not safe for work. What did you expect? The clip arrives with news of a new digipak version of O’Neal’s other posthumous stand-up comedy record, “Unreleased.” Both that and “Mr. P” are available now via iTunes, with all proceeds benefiting his family. Roll the...

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Stephen Colbert locks Vince Gilligan in chains in a basement to write more “Breaking Bad”

Want more Breaking Bad? So does Stephen Colbert. At the end of Monday night’s The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, Colbert jokingly revealed he had locked guest Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad‘s creator and series finale writer/director, in chains in a basement under the studio, forcing him to write additional storylines. Spoilers ahead. Here’s a fun non-spoiler question for you fans who also have the closed-captioning on your video: What about Fuel? Think about it. Roll the...

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