Day: September 12, 2013

First stand-up on The Arsenio Hall Show revival: George Lopez

George Lopez’s big break as a stand-up comedian came two decades ago, performing on the original version of The Arsenio Hall Show. As Magic Johnson said, reading Arsenio’s cue cards during the Sept. 11, 2013, episode, Lopez appeared 16 times on the “old” younger version of Arsenio. Hall did Lopez another favor by appearing on an early episode of Lopez Tonight on TBS. And now, Lopez has repaid both favors, becoming the first stand-up to perform on the new Arsenio. You dig, dawg? This stand-up set has Lopez advocating for further mixing of races for multi-racial generations of African-Americans...

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George Carlin’s Lenny Bruce impersonation landed him an agent, thanks to Lenny Bruce

Fans of the late George Carlin may know that Carlin’s comedy career actually began first as a radio disc jockey, and then as a duo with Jack Burns. But few who think of the legendary stand-up comedian remember or are quick to recall it was Carlin’s knack for impersonations — and particularly his impersonations of the star comedians of the time in the early 1960s — that provided him with his big break. Here, on a Throwback Thursday (#tbt), friend of the site Kliph Nesteroff posted this review on his Old Showbiz Tumblr of Carlin’s first solo stand-up shows...

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Joking Bad: Jimmy Fallon’s “Breaking Bad” parody goes deep into late-night TV

AMC announced on Wednesday that it had signed licensing agreements to move forward with a Breaking Bad prequel called Better Call Saul, but Jimmy Fallon already found a new gig for Bob Odenkirk’s “Saul Goodman” character, as witnessed in an epic-length spoof on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “Joking Bad” made its debut, clocking in at almost 13 minutes and introduced with a “Late Night Digital Original” title card, taking the “Breaking Bad” universe and spinning it into the ongoing late-night TV talk-show “wars.” With less than six months left in Late Night, it’s not quite cancer,...

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