Day: August 27, 2013

Jon Lajoie’s timeless ode to the latest pop music scandal du jour: “Miley, You’re A Good Girl”

You’ve seen plenty of snark and bark in the past two days following the MTV VMAs, and particularly about Miley Cyrus and her act-out performance (which she promised in a pre-show boast would be her moment to take the torch that had been passed down before her from Madonna to Britney Spears). Now hear this. It’s a song by Jon Lajoie, whom you see on FXX’s The League, and have seen and heard in very popular songs and music videos. Lajoie wrote on Twitter @jonlajoiecomedy today: “I wrote a song for Miley Cyrus yesterday. I can’t believe it either....

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The Best Panel in Panels, It’s Panels on Comedy Central’s The Jeselnik Offensive

Something special happens each week on The Jeselnik Offensive, which ends its second season tonight on Comedy Central, whenever Anthony Jeselnik introduces his two guest comedians to the panel. And it’s not just the fact that Jeselnik says the word panel over and over again to bookend each panel segment. Few other places on TV, late-night or daytime, broadcast or cable, will you see something like this scene play out as organically as if it hadn’t been elaborately scripted and/or rehearsed. Even if it were, could you tell? As Miller told The Comic’s Comic today: “The only irreverence left on Anthony’s show is...

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