Day: August 22, 2013

Tom Cotter returns to America’s Got Talent for an encore in 2013

Stand-up comedian Tom Cotter returned last night to America’s Got Talent for an encore performance. Cotter had finished runner-up in the summer 2012 season on NBC. “If you didn’t watch the show last year, let me give you a brief synopsis. I lost to a dog act in front of 19 million people,” Cotter joked, bringing the audience up to speed. “I lost to creatures that had no idea they were even in a competition.” Roll the...

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Comedy Central reunites with Dave Attell for a new one-hour special, plus a late-night stand-up series

Insomniac¬†fans better sneak their naps in this year while they can. Because Dave Attell is coming back to late-nights on Comedy Central in 2014. The cable channel announced the reunion today. Here’s the deal. Attell will host a new eight-episode late-night stand-up series, along with a new one-hour stand-up special, both airing next year. If the series is anything like the new special, which Attell has described to me already, then it’ll be unlike anything you’ve seen on Comedy Central recently. And it’s all going to be great viewing. Here’s what I can tell you for now, courtesy of...

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Fred Armisen and dozens more recount their SNL auditions for the New York Times

“The rest of it — the actual audition — is a blur. And that’s a good sign. Because the best things in your life, I think, you don’t have a memory of because it goes by so quickly.” — So says Fred Armisen, about his Saturday Night Live audition, 11 Augusts afterward. Roll the clip! Armisen is one of many SNL veterans who share their stories of how they auditioned for the show, and for creator Lorne Michaels, before getting their big breaks. The full piece by David Itzkoff appears in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. Some of...

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