Day: August 16, 2013

Take Me to the Pilot Season: Tracking a Year in Network TV Development

TV networks spend billions of dollars each year for ideas you’ll never see on television. That’s a bold statement. But it’s nevertheless true. Literally. And also by the bass-ackward “new” “definition” of “literally” adopted through repeated utterances on Parks and Recreation.┬áSo, too, there’s research and development, and then there’s what’s considered R&D in TV Land (not to be confused with the R&D division within the individual cable channel called TV Land). More than 100 pilot episodes will be ordered, cast, staffed with crews, taped before audiences (or not), tested with focus groups and network suits, then debated about and...

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Kurt Braunohler reveals fun things to do to strangers, strange things about his childhood, on Conan

Kurt Braunohler loves to inject fun into the lives of strangers. We saw that this spring in the skies above Los Angeles when he hired a plane to write an emergency message as a goof; and we saw that again last night on Conan as Braunohler offered up a few ideas you can use in your everyday lives to mix it up. He also revealed three things from his own childhood that might make you look at him differently. That is, if you can picture him smoking while breastfeeding and trying to experience Tourette’s. Can you picture that? And...

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Hannibal Buress gives Kevin Durant a new nickname in Nike commercial

Here’s one way to know you’re making it. You’re in a national TV commercial for a big brand, with a big star, but you’re the star of the commercial. Such is the case for stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress, who holds court on the basketball court in this new Nike commercial, handing out nicknames at the pick-up game and introducing everyone anew to NBA star Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. As Buress told friends yesterday: “I did my first commercial. It’s a Nike commercial and it’s with Kevin Durant and I’m glad I turned down that J&J fish...

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