Day: August 14, 2013

Why did the comedian cross the road? A teaser from “I Am Road Comic”

Why did the comedian cross the road? Wait a second. This isn’t a chicken joke. Why do comedians go on the road? That’s one of many questions posed by comedian and filmmaker Jordan Brady (I Am Comic) in his upcoming follow-up documentary, I Am Road Comic. And here are some of the answers from some of the comedians Brady interviewed; among them, T.J. Miller, Jen Kirkman, Doug Benson and Judah Friedlander. No release date yet, so consider this a soft tease. Unless you don’t like teases; then it’s a hard one. Roll the...

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Comedy Central launches “Up Next” talent search with 26 comedy clubs to find 2013 “Comics To Watch”

A decade ago, I recall sending in a VHS tape to Comedy Central HQ for what they called “Laugh Riots.” Oh, VHS. Oh, my own stand-up aspirations. Anyhow. Moving on, we all did. Comedy Central then presided over a similar contest called Open Mic Fights, which had comedians from different regions competing then converging in NYC to declare a winner before a live audience. In 2013, we have the new new thing for stand-up comedians looking to make a name for themselves in the show business — Comedy Central’s Up Next. The details: More than 200 comedians will be selected...

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Fireworks, nudity and no holds barred with Eric Andre, T.J. Miller on “The Jeselnik Offensive”

Eric Andre and T.J. Miller are two of the most enjoyable rebellious rapscallions to put on a panel of comedians for any talk show. Put them together on one episode of Comedy Central’s The Jeselnik Offensive? You’re sure to get fireworks. Nobody suspected actual, literal fireworks, however. Just see the reactions of everyone when Andre secretly sets off fireworks from underneath the desk — he runs away; Miller tries to just grit, grin and bear it, as if by not moving, he’ll improve his chances of surviving unscathed; a guy from the stage crew runs into frame as if...

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D.L. Hughley signs syndication deal for nationally syndicated afternoon radio show

Congrats to D.L. Hughley for signing a deal with Reach Media to bring a nationally syndicated afternoon “drive time” broadcast to a radio station near you this year. The 3-7 p.m. “The D.L. Hughley Show” doesn’t have a launch date or stations to announce with the signing, though it does have a slot on Reach Media’s website. Hughley, who recently brought himself a higher profile via ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, said of his return to radio: “I’m very excited to get back to radio and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I think radio fits my sensibility....

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Taylor Williamson’s quarterfinal performance on America’s Got Talent 2013

Unlike other performers on America’s Got Talent, stand-up comedian Taylor Williamson didn’t try to pull at anyone’s heartstrings with his background video, nor did he ramp up his routine with bells and whistles to make it anything more than it is. Williamson just wanted to make you laugh. Of course. That said. Williamson did fill his background video with humorous elements, open with a musical cue to toy with one of the judges, and managed to sneak a not-so-subtle cue for a standing ovation past the live studio audience at Radio City Music Hall. The judges all liked him....

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