Day: August 8, 2013

What Jealousy and Bitterness Can Do For Your Comedy Career

What Jealousy And Bitterness Can Do For Your Comedy Career By Andy Sanford Jealousy and bitterness exist in just about every pursuit, and especially artistic ones. I can only speak from a comedian’s perspective, but I’ve watched it ruin people. I believe that if you are going to pursue stand-up comedy as a career, you have to understand that there is no clear cut path to “making it.” You can’t let yourself think that paying dues leads to anything except the lessons and experiences that you take away. You can’t start believing that another person’s success is your failure....

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Julian McCullough on Conan, in Chinatown, and in Jeopardy

First rule of Chinatown is there are no rules. It’s Chinatown, Julian! Wait. Neither of those movie lines came back to haunt me or you when Julian McCullough performed on Wednesday night’s episode of Conan. What we did see and hear is McCullough’s own experience with Chinatown (New York City branch) when he lived in NYC, as well as proper and improper uses of an English degree, and the idea that you can include your emotional state when answering a question on Jeopardy. Roll the clip. Interestingly and perhaps not-so-coincidentally, because there are no coincidences — this is Chinatown!...

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Virgin Atlantic to offer live comedy on UK flights to Edinburgh and Manchester

From the announcement via Virgin: Virgin Atlantic have unveiled the next level of in-flight experience on their Little Reddomestic service. Get ready for live (yes you read that correctly, LIVE) in-flight entertainment. Passengers on selected Little Red flights will be treated to exclusive, intimate live music and comedy gigs from a series of rising stars whilst en route to Edinburgh or Manchester. Little Red Live kicks off by getting into the spirit of the hugely popular Edinburgh Fringe Festival with some of the freshest talent performing exclusive live stand up in the sky before they land and take the stage in Edinburgh. The acts will be announced...

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