Day: August 6, 2013

What could have been: Famous actors who auditioned for NBC’s “The Office” in 2003

You knew and loved NBC’s adaptation of The Office. Would you have felt the same way, if: Seth Rogen had played Dwight instead of Rainn Wilson? Bob Odenkirk had played Michael instead of Steve Carell? Eric Stonestreet had played Kevin? Kathryn Hahn had played Pam? John Cho had played Jim? Or if Adam Scott had played Jim? Actually, when you watch these previously unseen audition tapes of these actors back in 2003, before most of them had become as famous as they are now… Adam Scott would have made a great Jim, too. No offense, John Krasinski! Can you...

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Baron Vaughn on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Baron Vaughn looked rather dapper last night on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and he smelled good, too. Does YouTube have a scratch ‘n’ sniff edition available yet? No? Too soon? “Ladies, ladies all over the place!” Vaughn’s got something to say about mosquitos, but please do stick around for some astute observations on what it means, now and historically, to be a black nerd. Words have meaning. But not as much as deeds. Indeed! Roll the...

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Josh Gad to play Sam Kinison in big-screen biopic

After a few years of trying to make an HBO movie happen about the late Sam Kinison with Dan Fogler in the lead role, it appears as though another guy who broke big on Broadway and into onscreen roles will have his chance to scream as only Sam once screamed. Producer David Permut told Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. that Josh Gad will play Kinison, with Larry Charles directing from a script based on the book, Brother Sam, by Sam’s brother Bill Kinison. Tom Shadyac will executive produce the film along with Permut and Kinison. “There was nothing conventional about Sam Kinison and...

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