Day: August 5, 2013

Peter Engel talks casting “Saved By The Bell” and the “Last Comic Standing” winner Barry Katz predicted, on “Industry Standard”

Before working with talent manager Barry Katz on the NBC comedian contest showcase Last Comic Standing, producer Peter Engel already had cemented his producing legacy with the Saturday morning hit of the early 1990s, Saved by the Bell. On Katz’s new podcast, Industry Standard, Engel sat down with Katz to reminisce for an hour and a half, in which the duo touched on their work together executive-producing Last Comic Standing, celebrity impersonator talent contest The Next Best Thing, and Engel’s career before and leading through Saved by the Bell. Casting Saved by the Bell, Engel said: He didn’t realize...

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Unapologetic joke thief claims it took months before anyone had a problem with him stealing from the late Patrice O’Neal

Kain Carter has 619,615 subscribers to his YouTube channel, which he titled “hotdamnirock.” For much of the past year, however, what Carter was rocking in his vlogs were monologues ripped verbatim from the mouth of late stand-up comedian Patrice O’Neal. Carter acknowledged this only after being called out on his thievery last week by fans of Patrice and by Dante Nero, who used to work with Patrice on “The Black Phillip Show.” In a new response video Carter posted to his channel on Sunday, he claims he only started quoting O’Neal without attribution earlier this year and did so...

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