Day: July 31, 2013

Lewis Black’s stand-up special, “Old Yeller, Live At Borgata,” to debut on PPV

Forget self-distribution, forget concert films, and forget even the old models of cable TV — Lewis Black is going PPV for his ninth stand-up comedy special. “Lewis Black: Old Yeller, Live At Borgata” will debut Aug. 24, 2013, as a Pay-Per-View event. Asked about his choice of PPV over self-distribution, Black told NUVO in Indianapolis back in May: “No, because I lose a good half, if not more, of my audience. People over 45 aren’t going to watch it. Louis (C.K.), to his credit – I think what he did was great – but he has a TV show....

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On Conan, Dan St. Germain has some sober realizations

I saw Dan St. Germain in Montreal last week at the Just For Laughs comedy festival, and can report that neither one of us was smoking or drinking. Not that we’re goody two-shoes, either one of us. On Conan last night, St. Germain talked about the realizations he has had in the past while drinking or smoking weed. And they are sobering. He also joked about making progress in his life, such as hiring a personal trainer, and getting a woman’s phone number only to have it flip back around on him unexpectedly. That’s not quite as surprising as...

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Angela Hoover’s quarterfinal performance on America’s Got Talent 2013

For her quarterfinal performance last night on America’s Got Talent, Angela Hoover decided to use her 90 seconds of stage time to poke fun at the judges — impersonating both Mel B. and Heidi Klum — a tactic which served her well with those two. Howard Stern, on the other hand, didn’t feel Hoover delivered quite like she had in her initial audition. But Hoover not only impersonated, she also sang. What did you think? Roll the clip. “I’m not one of those rapid-fire delivery comedians, so for me to say more than one joke in 90 seconds, it’s...

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