Day: July 26, 2013

Not so “Freaked Out,” Tom Papa finds his voice, makes bolder choices in EPIX special

Tom Papa‘s new one-hour stand-up special, Tom Papa: Freaked Out, premieres tonight on EPIX HD (check your cable listings or go online to watch). While many Americans and others around the world might feel freaked out due to the global economy, national politics or local issues, Papa seems cool, calm and confident. So much so he decided to make his special truly special, and also retro, going back in time with director Rob Zombie for a late 1970s look and feel to “Freaked Out,” complete with flashing, colorful lights and a troupe of dancing ladies. Here’s a clip, in...

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First look: Montreal’s New Faces Characters, 2013

If the atmosphere at the New Faces Characters showcase at Montreal’s Just For Laughs feelsĀ a bit more heightened than in years past, it’s likely because the opportunities for actors and actresses to break out in sketch comedy roles is that much obvious to both the performers and the industry. With at least three major cast departures this summer from Saturday Night Live, and another sketch comedy series in development at NBC, the time is ripe for comedians with an arsenal of impersonations and stand-out characters at the ready. Are you ready to see them? DAN KLEIN Dan Klein is...

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On Conan, Dwayne Perkins yearns for the time before cell phones, Facebook

Dwayne Perkins returned last night for another performance on Conan. Perkins said smartphones and Facebook have made us dumber. Just go onto Facebook “and type in almonds” and see what happens. That’s one of his suggestions. He also has ideas for the future of videogames, based on where we’ve come so far. It’s a pretty picture, until it stops being pretty. Roll the...

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