Day: July 15, 2013

Exclusive? The guys from MTV’s Guy Code on how to survive the zombie apocalypse

Just how would you survive the zombie apocalypse, anyhow? The comedians from MTV2’s Guy Code have the answers. Maybe not all of the answers. But they tell you what they’d do and how they’d do it — it’s all part of a special episode called “Guy Code Honors” airing this Sunday, July 21, on both MTV and MTV2 as part of MTV Geekend at Comic-Con San Diego. The hourlong special focuses on how guys love sci-fi, thrillers and fantasy action. And joining comedian regulars such as Damien Lemon, Andrew Schulz, Chris Distefano, Dan Soder and Jordan Carlos are some...

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“The Babe and The Kid” — Working with Jonathan Winters on his final dream role onscreen

About three months ago, I was working in Stockholm, Sweden, when my pal — the comedian and actor Robert Klein — called to tell me that Jonathan Winters had passed away. I knew it was coming. Jon and I had been very close for more than 10 years. Less than a week earlier I called him and he didn’t sound well. When he picked up the phone, I launched into a bit. “Hello, Colonel?” We always called each other in characters prompting the other to jump in and play. Jon loved to play. But that day, he just said...

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Sarah Tiana on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Sarah Tiana performed on Friday night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Some fun facts about Tiana: She’s from Georgia but based in Los Angeles. She’s 35 and single, or as she calls it, “sexually active.” She has a sister who is married, and that’s confusing to her. Especially since marriage has changed so much over the centuries. She’s also currently on a break from drinking. Why’d she do that? Let her explain. Roll the...

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