Day: July 3, 2013

Whitney Cummings talks to Wendy Williams about having three TV shows on the air at once, facing her critics

At the beginning of 2013, stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings had three different shows on TV at the same time. Cummings starred in an NBC sitcom bearing her name, Whitney, that she created, produced and wrote for, fronted a weekly talk-show for E!, Love You, Mean It, and co-created and executive produced another sitcom, 2 Broke Girls on CBS. The NBC sitcom made it two seasons; the talk show, not so much. But 2 Brooke Girls is heading into its third season this fall and already primed for syndication. Yesterday, Cummings sat down with Wendy Williams on her talk show to dish...

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Flying a holding pattern: Multiple sitcom pilots still up in the air for network schedules in 2014

The Walking Dead, a show about life in Georgia just after the zombie apocalypse, has emerged this year as America’s most popular TV series — not just on cable, but also beating just about anything living and breathing on the broadcast networks among viewers 18-49. As the networks watch viewers jump to cable, to their computers and even to their phones for alternatives, the rules of the game have changed. And that now even applies to pilot season. ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC announced their fall lineups and midseason replacement programming to advertisers in May. Heading into the Fourth...

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Bridget Everett on Inside Amy Schumer and HBO Canada, singing “T*****s”

Amy Schumer allowed her sometime opening act to perform the closing number this time for the first season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. Bridget Everett also appeared in the “Sex Tips” magazine sketch earlier in the season finale of Schumer’s series, before performing a musical number, “Titties,” at the end of the half-hour. The song is available now on iTunes if you want the full uncensored version by Bridget Everett and the Tender Moments. If you don’t get Everett, or you don’t like what she does, she gets that. “The kind of stuff I do onstage isn’t for...

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Here’s a montage of every time Kevin James has fallen down in a movie (before Grown Ups 2)

Kevin James: King of Queens? More like modern-day King of the Pratfall, am I right? I don’t know. Am I right? Who has the answers, anyhow. If you even were to guess how many times comedian Kevin James has taken a spill, got knocked down, or went here goes the boom on the big-screen, how many times would guess, even? A couple of times, right. What, you guessed 35 because you saw the screengrab posted above? Keep guessing. Thanks to videojamb for splicing together this supercut movie montage of Kevin James falling down, with multiple mishaps from Hitch, Grilled,...

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