Month: June 2013

Daily double! Angela Hoover’s “America’s Got Talent” audition airs same night as role in “Inside Amy Schumer”

Who is Angela Hoover? No, you’re not on Jeopardy or in jeopardy, for that matter. Just noting that millions of Americans newly discovered Angela Hoover last night via TV, and that they may already have seen her before — despite the onscreen graphic on America’s Got Talent that said she’s a 42-year-old “stay-at-home mom.” Hoover is a comedian and actress, and as she introduces herself to the NBC audience and the AGT judges (Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B. and Howie Mandel), she put her comedy career on hold for five years after moving to Las Vegas for her...

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Kathleen Madigan describes life on Lewis Black’s comedy cruise

Kathleen Madigan performed on last night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and let us all in on her very first experience with life on a cruise ship — which came when she performed on Lewis Black’s comedy cruise. Apparently there is a lot more than just eating and drinking to cruising. And yet. “If you’re a sleeper-inner, or a drink-er-up-later, you will be involved in none of these activities.” Somehow, Madigan and Black managed to go snorkeling. Or at least the promise of snorkeling. Roll the...

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WGA chooses 101 “Best Written TV Series of All Time”

If the Writers Guild of America membership is to be believed, half of the best-written TV series of all time just so happened to have been written in the past decade. Whether they choose to ignore their past or celebrate it, the WGA’s East and West Coast branches voted online and picked the “101 Best” TV series to appear on TV since there were such a thing. The union previously voted on the comparable merits of screenplays in 2006. The top sitcoms to make the list all debuted before Y2K: Seinfeld (#2), All in the Family (#4), M*A*S*H (#5),...

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