Day: June 18, 2013 debuts new design, absorbs Thing X, and more

There’s a new look today to If it’s confusing to you, just think of how the fans and worker bees of the still-new Thing X feel, as that project is now absorbed into the mothership. Just as Super Deluxe once was? Yes and no. Meet the new Same as the old one, but also different. Please allow Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to explain the relaunched site and introduce and tease some upcoming series, such as “Futuremanity with James Urbaniak” (coming in October 2013), the Thing X’s “XHow” series, “On Cinema” from Tim Heidecker and Gregg...

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Ben Seccombe’s “Family Bum” wins 2013 Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition

Comedy Central and the New York Television Festival announced today that Ben Seccombe‘s Family Bum had won the cable network’s second annual “Short Pilot Competition.” Billed as “An alcoholic homeless man wreaks havoc on the world of a ’90s TGIF-style sitcom,” Family Bum stars Clint Carmichael, Aaron Glaser, Desiree Cooper as the happy-go-lucky family whose world is upended by Seccombe, the Los Angeles comedian/actor/creator/writer/director of the series, who plays the aforementioned alcoholic homeless man named Moonrock. Seccombe told The Comic’s Comic today, explaining the origins and production of what you can see so far of Family Bum: “My goal...

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Howard Stern offers Jimmy Fallon advice on taking over “The Tonight Show”

In case you missed it last night, Jimmy Fallon invited Howard Stern on his Late Night show last night, and Stern immediately went into Fallon with advice and suggestions for making his show better in February 2014 when he moves up an hour and takes over The Tonight Show. “I subscribe to the Anyone But Jay philosophy,” Stern said, to the surprise of nobody. Stern also compares his relationship with Fallon to his friendship with Kimmel — but not too much about Lettterman. Interesting. Roll the clip! Also interesting and slightly relevant, here’s a similar clip from years back...

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Russell Brand becomes only person on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” doing his or her job

Looks like CNN picked the right morning to relaunch its morning news program. Meanwhile, over on MSNBC, Monday’s “Morning Joe” invited comedian Russell Brand onto its show, only to reveal to anyone watching MSNBC that Brand was the only person on set prepared to be on television. Seriously. How it is that Mika Brzezkinski, Brian Schactman and Katty Kay earned money from any legitimate news organization to represent themselves as reporters and/or anchors is mind-boggling, considering how little effort they displayed in caring to learn about their guest, ask questions to spark an educational or even entertaining discussion, or...

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