Day: June 6, 2013

Comedy Central launches a stand-up app to go mobile with you

Comedy Central has unveiled a new CC: Stand-Up app for iPhones and iPads and iPod Touches. It’s free for those devices only so far at A quote from today’s press release: “At its simplest, CC: Stand-Up is a digitally distributed, pure stand-up channel, in which fans can immerse themselves for hours with just one touch,” said Erik Flannigan, EVP Multi-Platform Strategy & Development, Viacom Entertainment Group.  “Layered onto that is an intuitive on-demand and recommendation platform, which makes the discovery of new comedians something fun to explore.  It’s got the whole ‘lean forward, lean back’ thing people always talk about,...

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Stephen Fry discusses the surreal but very real thoughts of suicide

Stephen Fry disclosed this week that he had attempted to kill himself last year with a mixture of pills and vodka. ‘You may say, “How can anybody who’s got it all be so stupid as to want to end it all?” That’s the point, there is no “why?” That’s not the right question. There is no reason. If there was reason for it, you could reason someone out of it.’ You can read more excerpts from his talk with Richard Herring in Chortle. Or listen to the entire podcast below. Fry’s disclosures on suicide, manic depression and how fame...

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Asking Maria Bamford about “Ask My Mom,” improv comedy and not arresting her development

Maria Bamford is portraying her mother in a webseries again, but this time it’s not so much to help herself as much as it is to help you understand Bamford or anything else you might have on your mind. “Ask My Mom” debuted last week on My Damn Channel. The questions come from you, the viewer, and the answers come from the Bammer herself as her mother. New episodes appear on Thursdays. Here is today’s episode. What? Yes. What? Roll it. We’ll talk to Bamford about it after you watch the clip. Maria, you just performed at MaxFunCon over...

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Comedy Headlines for 06/06/13

What’s happening in the comedy world these days… Johnny Carson is coming back to your TVs in primetime, with Conan O’Brien hosting The Tonight Show once more? Yes, yes, and here’s why and how: A remix of classic interviews called Carson on TCM bows Monday nights this summer, starting July 1. Interviews come straight from Carson’s archive from the 1970s and 1980s. SiriusXM Radio also will be going back in time this weekend, launching a three-day channel for “Richard Pryor Radio,” starting at 1 p.m. Eastern on Friday, June 7, hosted by Jamie Foxx on SiriusXM channel 96. Foxx...

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