Day: May 24, 2013

Set List live improvised stand-up shows come to Nerdist, with a special LIVE show for YouTube Comedy Week

Set List is an American creation that first scored a TV deal across the pond, but is finally finding its way back home with a webseries version that you can enjoy wherever you have Internet access. Episode highlights of the live shows began appearing earlier this week on the Nerdist YouTube channel. Tonight, Set List puts on a live streaming showcase for YouTube’s inaugural Comedy Week. The show starts at 6 p.m. Pacific, 9 p.m. Eastern, whatever time that translates to in your time zone today/tonight, at this YouTube LIVE Set List link. Paul Provenza and Reggie Watts are...

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Jimmy Kimmel’s priceless gift to Jeffrey Ross: A painting of the late Bea Arthur, topless

Remember that “Bea Arthur Naked” painting by John Currin that sold at auction last week by Christies for $1.9 million? The 1991 oil painting, oil on canvas, sold for $1,915,750. The buyer wasn’t disclosed then. But Friday afternoon, comedian Jeffrey Ross posted a photo of himself with a large framed version of that painting, if not that very painting. The 1991 Currin painting of Arthur (who died in 2009) was based on a photograph of the actress while clothed, and is 38.25 inches tall by 32 inches wide. Arthur played along as Ross roasted her at Comedy Central Roasts in...

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Doug Stanhope raises $100,000 for atheist survivor of Oklahoma tornado

Earlier this week, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Oklahoma tornado survivor Rebecca Vitsum if she “thanked the Lord” for living through the storm. Vitsum is an atheist. So no, she didn’t thank God. The video clip circulated and from Paul Provenza it found its way to Doug Stanhope, who told his fans and followers on Twitter on Thursday that he was contacting comedy friends such as Emery Emery, who’d in turn contact Bill Maher (who made the 20078 documentary, Religulous) and Penn Jillette, about setting up a fund-raising site for Vitsum. On Friday, Ricky Gervais — who proudly displays his own...

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Maria Bamford’s new series: “Ask My Mom”

Maria Bamford is about to rejoin us online this summer in a great new webseries, in which you ask the questions, and “her mom” answers them. It’s “Ask My Mom,” debuting May 30, 2013, on My Damn Channel. I’ll cede the floor to the Bammer to explain more… Hi, I’m Maria Bamford! My Mom is Marilyn Bamford, a 70-year-old retired family therapist and a Netflix connoisseur. She has years of wisdom to tackle any query, question or fact of life. But, she’s also one of the busiest senior citizens on the planet! We can only get her to answer questions...

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Kate the Wasp goes to GoogaMooga

Memorial Day Weekend is here, and with it, the great summer outdoor festival season is upon us once more. What to make of an outdoor festival, whether it’s in the park or on the streets, whether it’s all just about the music or a mix of song, dance and food? What do you make of it? What does Kate the Wasp make of it? Kate Hendricks explores as “Kate the Wasp” explored the Great GoogaMooga in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. “This doesn’t look like an artisanal crowd.” No. No it doesn’t. Fun fact: I also saw Dave Matthews Band in...

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