Day: May 7, 2013

Rare posthumous recording from the 1970s, “Phil Hartman’s Flat TV,” to receive animation treatment

In 1997, Mike Scott was a teen-aged aspiring comedian who wrote to Phil Hartman seeking advice about entering the world of show business. Sixteen years later, Scott is helping preserve and share a rare piece of Hartman’s comedic legacy, a multi-voice album the late comedian recorded before he made it big via Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons and NewsRadio. Worker Studio Animation announced it had secured an option to animate the 22 audio tracks of “Phil Hartman’s Flat TV.” There already is a Facebook page for Phil Hartman’s Flat TV: The Movie. Hartman recorded the sketch comedy album back...

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Sony Pictures made a #RenewCommunity YouTube video to try to save its NBC sitcom

The fourth season of NBC’s Community is the first without its creator and spiritual meta-guide, but will it be the last for the sitcom that likes to focus entire episodes poking fun at popular TV tropes? Not if Sony Pictures Television has anything to say about it. Or, at least what this weird new YouTube video from the production studio has mashed up previously existing audio and video clips, then tinkered with Photoshop to make it seem like the show already could be dead. (Clarification! It appears this video originated with “Save Community” fan leader Catherine Boyd, and that...

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On Conan, Jay Larson accepts a phone call from a random guy

Jay Larson was back on Conan on Monday night for another stand-up performance. For his next trick, Larson shared with the audience his experience accepting a call on his cell phone from a number he didn’t know. What happened next? Not your ordinary wrong number. Larson explains his new business relationship with a “random guy” on the phone. “This is why we play the game!” Roll the...

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Doug Stanhope on Opie and Anthony: On Dr. Drew, suicide, and debating alcoholism with Jim Norton

Doug Stanhope brought his latest stand-up comedy tour into New York City, with gigs Sunday and Monday night at B.B. King’s in Times Square, and sat in for a memorable Monday-morning discussion with the Opie & Anthony show on SiriusXM satellite radio. It opened with some lighthearted discussion about the suitcase Stanhope rolled in with and the leisure suit he’s wearing — which is a step up fashion-wise from the 70 NFL jerseys he used to sport regularly. Stanhope also wanted O&A and everyone else to know that as a native of Worcester, Mass., he already owns a cemetery...

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