Day: May 6, 2013

Global Comment on one comedian’s two rape jokes, and that comedian’s response

Comedians used to complain about performing in any comedy club that put comment cards on the tables for audience members to fill out after the show. How many comedians long for those days now, now that the Internet and social media allows every audience member at every stand-up comedy show every night to broadcast his or her complaints not just to a club owner, but to the entire world? And then have those complaints shared and spread through Facebook, Tumblr, and into new media and even the mainstream media? And you thought hecklers were problematic. Two years ago, Tracy...

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Kyle Kinane’s Going Nowhere: The Comedy Central TV pilot presentation

“I made this pilot for a travel show last summer. It was rejected, but you can watch it here.” — Kyle Kinane Toy Plane uploaded the video seven months ago, but it only started racking up views over the weekend. Thanks, in part, to my friends at Connected Comedy. The 20-minute (19:27) pilot presentation for Comedy Central opens with Kinane in a sex-toy shop dressed up in latex? Bring out the Kinane! At least he’s still the voice of Comedy Central, if not the gimp of it. Perhaps the better for it. As Kinane says in the intro, he...

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