Day: May 3, 2013

Marc Maron on putting his life on camera (IFC’s Maron) and in memoir (“Attempting Normal”)

“Are you good?” Marc Maron asks the question sincerely after I enter his hotel room in Midtown Manhattan, catching the comedian amid a day full of back-to-back phone interviews with the media. Not “Are we good?” nor the colloquial “We good?” that has become a commonplace catch-all catchphrase of sorts for the comedian’s intensely personal and immensely popular podcast of three-plus years, WTF with Marc Maron. No. It’s a sign of his own personal growth as well as that of our own relationship as comedian and journalist over the past 12 years that it’s accepted as fact that we...

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A board game based on an NSFW Twitter feed? Welcome to “Rob Delaney’s War of Words”

We’ve seen Twitter feeds mined for quick-and-easy book deals before, but how about a board game? Miami-based All Things Equal is banking on Rob Delaney and his 836,000+ followers @RobDelaney to put the party in its “Family and Party Games” site with the release of  Rob Delaney’s War of Words™.  The game, available for pre-order now and shipping May 15, is purportedly the first-ever board game based on Twitter, according to the company. It’s not All Things Equal’s first Web-based board game, though — that would be the user-submitted site Awkward Family Photos. That’s awkward family fun. Delaney’s game is straight...

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On Conan, Shane Mauss welcomes the Mexicans and gay men

Shane Mauss returned to Conan last night, and got a little political in his stand-up. If, by political, you mean finding funny ways to explain why his racist coworkers don’t understand why having Mexicans speak English is even worse for said racists, and why as a straight man, he’d be happy to be the only straight man left on Earth. For the intro, Conan O’Brien also plugged Mauss’s podcast, Double Date with April Macie and Shane Mauss, in which Macie and Mauss broadcast weekly dates with other couples and talk funny talk. Check that out. But before that, check...

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