Day: April 26, 2013

Comedian auditioning for “America’s Got Talent” accused of stealing bit from the TV show’s warm-up comic

What are the odds of this? A comedian auditioning last night for NBC’s 2013 summer season of America’s Got Talent performs well, only to be accused by judge Howie Mandel of lifting the bit from another stand-up comedian — who happened to be AGT’s warm-up audience comic that very night — and still receive a pass through the audition to the Las Vegas round. That’s what happened Thursday night at the Pantages in Hollywood. Sounds like a case for Comics Unleashed. Or even TruTV. Which are credits both Frank Nicotero and The Greg Wilson share. Peter Sciretta from /film...

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E! thinks “Fashion Police” writers should hold a union election, despite already going on strike with WGA support

UPDATE: The writers for E!’s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers have sent another missive to the cable network. Writers went on strike last week, seeking fair pay from E! under a contract with the Writers Guild of America. Apparently, the network wants the writers to hold an election first to see if a majority want to unionize. This despite the fact that the writers already have the WGA’s support in striking. So. Here is the official response from the striking writers to E!: The only possible purpose of holding an election would be to determine if a majority of...

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10 Things Not to Say to a Comic, by Leah Bonnema

Leah Bonnema, a NYC-based stand-up comedian seen in clubs, on radio/podcasts or TV via WeTV, Logo and VH1, offers this list of things people say to comedians but really shouldn’t ever say. In general I believe people mean well. And I should be so lucky that anyone was interested in talking to me at all or listening to my stand up. BUT… I get the idea that people don’t realize comedy is also a job. And that that job entails putting very personal things out into the world. AND that people have spent years working on a single joke....

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Cheech and Chong finally meet their big fan and spirit animal, Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion)

Cheech & Chong celebrated an extra-special 4/20 week in 2013 with a big smokin’ promotional tour, capped off Thursday afternoon with a surprise visit from an unsurprising big fan in hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg during the comedy duo’s “Town Hall” recording for SiriusXM. And if we’re supposed to call Calvin Broadus, Jr., Snoop Lion now, we might as well call him marijuana’s Snoop Spirit Animal. Or would Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong be Snoop’s spirit animals? “I’m nothing without you guys,” Snoop told Cheech & Chong. The rapper who is something of a pot icon himself for the 21st...

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