Day: April 24, 2013

Kate McKinnon dances for Ellen DeGeneres as Ellen on “Ellen”

Kate McKinnon has many stand-out impersonations she has showcased already on Saturday Night Live, but the one with the biggest profile (especially in comedy) is comedian and talk-show queen Ellen DeGeneres. On today’s episode of Ellen (The Ellen DeGeneres Show), DeGeneres finally welcomed McKinnon to her show. Of course, she also gave McKinnon an updated “Ellen” outfit to put on, so she could do the rest of the interview with Ellen as Ellen and naturally dance and dance some more. McKinnon told DeGeneres: “I’ve just loved you my whole life, truly.” “My mother has come up with schemes to...

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Milton Berle’s private joke files, memorabilia, estate on the auction block

Milton Berle was “Uncle Miltie” to the first generation of Americans to own televisions. And to a generation of comedians, Berle also was the father of joke thievery. Having his private joke files on the auction block in Los Angeles means we may chance upon rare artificats that once and for all reveal where every other comedian’s jokes ended and where his began. Bonhams is hosting the estate sale auction, which include original scripts, paraphernalia and more. “Milton Berle was one of the most influential comedians of the 20th century, performing successfully in every medium from vaudeville to the legitimate...

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J-L Cauvin as Louis C.K. selling classic jokes

The mainstream media, Internet, and comedy nerds all seem to love Louis C.K. more than they do other comedians today, and the release of C.K.’s latest stand-up special on HBO this month has only continued to feed that hive mind. So what if Louis C.K. turned around and sold a special on his site that was just him telling classic jokes. You know. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” “Why was six afraid of seven?” Or that knock-knock joke from the interrupting cow. Roll the spoof! That’s comedian J-L Cauvin as Louis C.K. above. This works on at...

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