Day: April 2, 2013

Are you a veteran stand-up comic? Read the #VeteranComic Twitter feed and find out

Are you or have you ever been a stand-up comedian who has put in your time, paid your dues and continues to work in clubs, colleges and anywhere else you can get gigs? Would you consider yourself a “veteran comic”? Here’s one new way to find out. Read the Veteran Comic Twitter feed @Veteran_Comic. The account started up a week ago, inspired by stand-up comedian Gary Gulman’s musings earlier this year and put to Twitter initially by Boston-based stand-ups Sean Sullivan and Tim McIntire under the hashtag #VeteranComic starting March 25. A separate Twitter account appeared the following day....

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In Their Own Words: Dick Cavett, Louie Anderson, Ophira Eisenberg, J.R. Berard, Andy Sandford

And now, for some words of wisdom about comedy from comedians. In their own words. In contemplating a possible return of The Tonight Show to New York City and 30 Rockefeller from Los Angeles and Burbank, Dick Cavett reflects on Johnny Carson’s tenure, as well as how Cavett first got a job on Tonight by pitching monologue jokes to Jack Paar. Cavett writes in the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter: “I was working as a copy boy at Time. I happened to glance at a column item that said Jack Paar worried about his Tonight Show monologue more than the whole...

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Earthquake performs on Conan in Atlanta

Conan O’Brien and Team Coco kicked off a week of shows in Atlanta on Monday night, and they’re ready for some Final Four action. But first, Conan welcomed Earthquake to the stage to perform stand-up. In this set, Earthquake explains how Barack Obama is much better-suited to the job of president than past black candidates such as the Rev. Al Sharpton were, and jokes that his knowledge of other election day ballot issues might not be as strong. Roll the...

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Here is one video to dispel all of the rumors that NBC is going to screw up the Leno-Fallon “Tonight” transition, in song

The calendar may have read April 1 when Jay Leno opened his Tonight Show monologue with an April Fool’s crack about his relationship with his employers at NBC, but after midnight, ’twas April 2 when Leno gave Jimmy Fallon the most seamless transition possible in video and in song, dueting with the Late Night host on a parody of West Side Story‘s “Tonight.” Was it funny? Was it sincere? Do either of those things matter, when the mere cooperation and statement of this video says so much more? Leno appeared on Fallon’s show to make this statement, and not...

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