Day: March 7, 2013

Previously unreleased clip from the “Totally Biased” pilot presentation: Janine Brito apologizes as Tracy Morgan

Here’s a clip you didn’t see on the first two seasons of FX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, because it didn’t appear in any of those episodes! It’s Janine Brito, “dandy lesbian dandy” writer for the show, apologizing last year on behalf of Tracy Morgan, in the voice and imagined words of Tracy Morgan. This segment appeared in the original pilot presentation for the late-night talk show, back when it was titled “The Bell Curve” after Bell’s earlier one-man stage show. Brito, as Morgan, delivers the apology the comedian really would have given following that show back in...

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On Conan, Ian Edwards recounts his trip to Israel and his sleepwalking friend

Ian Edwards was back on Conan last night. Edwards enjoyed telling the audience about a trip he took to Israel, and how it made him feel as a black American male. Good times. He also has a friend who sleepwalks and does strange things such as cook full meals, or even running 10 miles. Is his friend Mike Birbiglia, though? Is he Jewish? You’ll have to watch to find out. Roll the...

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In Bed With Joan: Joan Rivers launches her webseries talk show with first guest Sarah Silverman

Joan Rivers was the official substitute host for Johnny Carson before she ever had her own late-night TV talk show. That was then. In 2013, you have YouTube, and now so does a Joan Rivers talk show. “In Bed With Joan,” a weekly half-hour chat show, launched this week with Joan Rivers chatting up Sarah Silverman. For people who’d rather see comedians in bed than in cars getting coffee. Or something like that. Not that there’s anything…or, you know where that sentence was going. Just roll the clip when you have a half-hour. Or 26 minutes. “In Bed With...

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