Day: February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday with Classic Television Showbiz: Kliph Nesteroff interviews Willie Tyler and Lester

What better day than Throwback Thursday to celebrate our friend of the site’s site, Classic Television Showbiz. That’s where Kliph Nesteroff, a comedian from Vancouver, British Columbia, dives deep into the archives of show business to share the treasures he finds that we almost had forgotten, and also interviews comedians from generations that didn’t enjoy the ability to share their stories via social media when their careers were at their peaks. This week: Nesteroff brings us part two of his lengthy interview with Willie Tyler and Lester. Willie Tyler was one of the most popular ventriloquist acts of the...

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Let’s do it LIVE! Old TV format is new again with comedians hosting late-night talkers in 2013

One of the breakout series on TV this month isn’t on one of the five broadcast networks, nor is it scripted, nor is it even a “reality” for the sake of the “reality” genre tag TV show. It’s AMC’s Talking Dead, a live hourlong talk show hosted by comedian Chris Hardwick devoted to talking about the episode of The Walking Dead that had just premiered in the previous hour that Sunday night. AMC promoted Talking Dead to an earlier time slot in 2013 and expanded the format from a half-hour to an hour. In the process, Hardwick’s hour —...

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Title Card Tales: Mike Royce’s Snowpants Productions

End cards or “vanity cards” as they are known derisively/accurately, are those logos and nonsense that flash at the end of TV shows for two seconds.  To be accurate, this year it was cut from 2 seconds to 1 ½ seconds.  I don’t know why the studio needed that extra half second but I assume they sold it to Bud Light somehow. Generally a vanity card is a perk afforded the creator(s) of the show and/or some of the executive producers.  Most of the time it’s the same logo over and over but some people change it up.  My...

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Mark Normand’s late-night debut on Conan

Mark Normand has TV credits to his name, but last night was his “dream come true” as he said at the end of performing his official late-night debut on Conan. Interesting intro: Having Conan O’Brien tell the audience you’re hungover. The intro, of course, is all just a set up for Normand’s opening bit. Even more interesting in-set move: You don’t see many stand-up comedians confident enough to incorporate even the most basic crowd work into a late-night TV set. Mark Normand did. “Any Jewish girls here?” Woo! “Wow. Shalom!” He also lets you men know what to do...

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