Day: February 19, 2013

Webseries Watch: “Mike & Andrew Try to Lose Some Weight”

A fat comedian faces a quandary: Are audiences laughing at him or her because he or she is fat, or only because he or she is fat? For your long-term health and well-being, you’re best off losing weight. Can you not have your cake without eating it onstage in a double-negative metaphor? That’s rhetorical, obviously. We enjoy comedians of all shapes and sizes, who make us laugh regardless of their shape and size. However, at the same time here in 2013, we also see how much appearance still dictates how audiences perceive and treat comedians — just this month,...

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Going Hollywood: Meet Jackie Kashian

People were going Hollywood long before Bing Crosby starred in the 1933 film musical Going Hollywood. Certainly, though, countless unknowns have packed their bags and moved to Los Angeles in the years and decades since then, hoping for show business to discover them and make them a star! New York City may be the city everyone goes to make it there before making it everywhere, but Hollywood remains the place where stars are born and made. It’s Show Business, USA. This is a recurring feature, a complementary West Coast version of Meet Me In New York, The Comic’s Comic’s  mini-profile...

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Review: Joe Rogan, “Live from the Tabernacle”

Joe Rogan is probably best known for making people who are desperate for money eat animal parts and jump off buildings. You may also recognize Rogan from his younger days on NewsRadio or more recent days providing commentary at UFC fights. For his stand-up and podcast, however, he is known for crafting jokes and stories around heady, introspective ideas or philosophies that cover topics such as the perception of reality and atom colliders. It’s a formula he follows through with in his latest stand-up special, Live from the Tabernacle. Rogan sticks to what works for most of Live from the...

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NBC’s Community: Four Seasons and Syndication!?

After a brief interruption, NBC’s Community returned for its belated fourth season earlier this month. Cast members of the sitcom and their fans have used the Twitter hashtag #sixseasonsandamovie in a bit of wish fulfillment over the past couple of years. Could that still happen? Perhaps. Of course. Anything. Is. Possible! Especially since Sony Pictures Television already sold Community into syndication with Comedy Central, as the cable channel will begin rebroadcasting episodes of Jeff Winger, Troy and Abed, Britta, Shirley, Annie, Pierce, Chang, Dean Pelton, Annie’s Boobs and the gang this fall. That, despite only making it to 84...

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CBS Sunday Morning revisits the Catskills “Borscht Belt” era in comedy

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Catskills attracted the crowds and the comedians alike. Several decades later, it’s a much different story. CBS Sunday Morning profiled the upstate New York conclave, and how “Borscht Belt” comedy has survived the changes by moving to where the audiences are. “Every comic did the same joke,” recalls Stewie Stone. And in the Off-Broadway show, “Old Jews Telling Jokes,” they still are. And the audiences still love it. Roll the...

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