Day: February 7, 2013

Eric Idle explains: How to tell if you’re seeing a new Monty Python project

When the surviving members of Monty Python reunited to celebrate their 40th anniversary with a documentary that aired on IFC in 2009, that was a Monty Python reunion. When they lent their voices to a documentary about the late Graham Chapman¬†last year, that was a Python reunion of sorts, though not a new Monty Python project itself. Now that most of them are participating in a new Terry Jones film? Not a Python project. As Eric Idle explained to fans today via his Twitter @EricIdle: “I’m not “Not in a Python film”. I’m not in a Terry Jones film....

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Kurt Metzger returns to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Can you tell a pedophilia joke on network television? Kurt Metzger did. On his second appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Metzger not only stunned the studio audience on Wednesday night’s program with a bit about how one Toddlers and Tiara mom unwittingly turned off would-be pedophiles, but also how Hitler would never write you a jaywalking ticket.¬†All that and more, including a helpful lesson about identifying lesbians in the audience. And that’s just his opener! Roll the...

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Perp Justice or Coptown: Who ya got?

February must not only be Sweeps Month but also Cop Show Month at the show business factories where they manufacture new comedy videos, because I’ve already received two such entries already in the past week. First up, “Perp Justice.” AKA Cop Show Drug Test, on Funny or Die. In this video, John Ennis plays a detective whose partner, Josh Fadem, takes his crime scene investigation just a little bit too far. Roll the clip! If two cops isn’t enough for you, how about a whole city full of cops? Population: Coptown! In this video gone undercover as a TV...

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