Day: January 30, 2013

Been there, done that: Ted Alexandro on the UCB, and the 2002 stand-up petition to NYC clubs

“New York City is the Mecca of standup comedy and we, as comedians, are proud to share that tradition with you, the clubs providing comedians with a venue to perform. However, while the clubs are thriving we feel that we are not being adequately compensated for our work. The weekend rates for comedians have seen a negligible increase in the past 15-20 years, and in some cases no increase at all. Again, New York City is the standard, and with this in mind we ask that our weekend pay be adjusted to a level commensurate with the revenue being...

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Adam Cayton-Holland’s late-night TV debut on Conan

Adam Cayton-Holland made his late-night TV debut last night on Conan. A stand-up comedian out of Denver, Cayton-Holland wrote about his feelings before the gig. It’s sincere and enlightening, and we learn that Cayton-Holland was a fan of Conan O’Brien before he even knew who Conan O’Brien was. He wrote, in part: “I’m excited to be appearing on a show that has become a badge of honor amongst my peers. I’m excited to have a great TV credit. But mostly, I’m just excited to meet Conan. And I can’t wait to stand next to him on television and look...

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