Day: January 8, 2013

At 92Y, Lewis Black offers new proposal for gun control: One gun per penis

In case you missed it last night, Lewis Black sat down at the 92Y for a conversation with Judy Gold that covered all of the relevant topics in politics and current events as we open 2013. Which obviously meant a question for Black about his feelings on gun control. Black replied that he thought even using the words “gun control” is a tactical error. “That was a big mistake,” Black said. “Because it just feeds into their fucking…that we’re coming to get their guns.” He said that even before massacres in Newtown, Conn., and Aurora, Colo., he had lent...

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The Lucas Brothers, Dino Stamatopoulos join Axe Cop as late-night Saturday TV series for FOX ADHD block in Summer 2013

FOX officially announced its debut lineup of new animated series to debut this summer as part of the broadcast network’s new Animation Domination High-Definition (FOX ADHD) late-night block on Saturday nights from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Each of the three new series received orders for six 15-minute episodes, debuting July 27, 2013. The Lucas Brothers — Kenny and Keith Lucas (photographed above by Mindy Tucker) — will front the tentatively titled Vacation Boy$, about identical twins such as themselves who start a moving company after their uncle dies and leaves them his van. In at least one episode,...

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James Adomian pays tribute to a fallen icon and impersonation: Huell Howser

James Adomian is a master of impersonations, particularly of comedians. Included in his arsenal of voices, however, was one person that you might not have known much about, unless you were a Californian. Huell Howser, the longtime host of PBS series California’s Gold via Los Angeles station KCET-TV, died Sunday in Palm Springs. He was 67. Adomian wasn’t the only comedian to love pretending to be Howser — Adam Carolla and Dana Gould also riffed in the travel host’s voice — but his was perhaps the best and most sincere effort. In fact, Adomian wrote a tribute to Howser...

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Best in Comedy 2012: The 10 posts you read most last year

It’s the first full week of 2013, and so, too, the last real opportunity to look back on 2012 without feeling like it’s “too soon” or instant nostalgia or living in the past. Instead, when examining what videos, posts and articles on The Comic’s Comic you clicked on most, it’s a chance to reflect on what intrigued you most, what sparked the most discussions, or what just plain tickled your fancy funny bones. So. With that. Let’s see what generated the most traffic here in 2012. According to Google Analytics, here are the 10 most popular pages viewed last...

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Dan Soder’s late-night TV debut on Conan

Dan Soder made his late-night TV debut last night on Conan, and killed it. Soder has a great attitude on and off-stage and great jokes to go with it, too. In this performance, Soder makes fun of himself and his generation of Millennials, illustrating it via tattoos; fills us in on a childhood growing up with a single mom; and teaches us how a fake Russian accent can help you avoid a dangerous situation (whether or not you live in NYC). Roll the clip! Related reading: Dan Soder profiled here in “Meet Me In New York” back in November...

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