Day: November 11, 2012

Joey “CoCo” Diaz gets “Frank Sexy” in ad, Italian on Childrens Hospital

It took how many years for to figure out how to sell its domain-name hosting services in a truly sexy way? Just kidding, GoDaddy. Just kidding. Because that’s normally what their TV spots do, leading you to think there’s going to be some sexy “unrated” content online after you watch the 30-second spot, only to misdirect you in its own cruel joke of a way, because unrated doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it means. In the case of its latest ad, however, GoDaddy rethinks “sexy” with the introduction of Frank, a pizza maker played by stand-up comedian...

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Janeane Garofalo finally annuls her 20-year “joke” marriage, and other revelations from The Ben Stiller Show reunion

For two decades, trivia listings on Wikipedia, IMDB and other websites listed Janeane Garofalo as married. Despite her many jokes and serious statements over the years on stand-up comedy stages, TV shows and other appearances to the contrary, in which the comedian and actress claimed she’d never get married, Garofalo had been married for 20 years — to her then-boyfriend and writer on The Ben Stiller Show, Robert Cohen. Joke or no joke, their whim to wed in the drive-through lane of a Las Vegas wedding chapel counted. Garofalo and Cohen finally annulled their marriage over the weekend, announcing...

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SNL #38.7 RECAP: Host Anne Hathaway, musical guest Rihanna

Anne Hathaway and Rihanna both have performed on Saturday Night Live a couple of times, so putting them together in one show should be twice the three times the charm, right? Right? To the recap! But first, one more mocking of Mitt Romney — and most likely for the last time by the show and by Jason Sudeikis, whom already has semi-unofficially declared his intentions that his own tenure may not last long into 2013 and beyond. Kate McKinnon plays the first wife who won’t be, while Taran Killam interrupts Mitt’s private pity party as his son, Tagg. And...

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