Day: November 5, 2012

Eddie Pepitone, “The Bitter Buddha,” on measuring his own success

It’s Eddie Pepitone’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Eddie! With a new documentary out about him, The Bitter Buddha, Pepitone (photographed above by Mindy Tucker) is enjoying a new wave of personal and professional attention from fans who might not have known him before, and show business types who needed to take another look at him. Pepitone told fans today that, as luck and timing would have it, the folks at Conan have called him in for another TV appearance tonight. But as one fan asked Pepitone recently after a screening of The Bitter Buddha at the Friars Club Comedy...

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MOCT, the Monday Open Comedy Thread, for 5 Nov. 2012

Hey, comedy fans! I thought I’d roll out a new weekly feature to improve The Comic’s Comic’s comedy comedy coverage coverage. It’s called the Monday Open Comedy Thread, or, you didn’t even need to guess it because it’s in the headline: MOCT. Each Monday, I’ll post a short video talking about what’s happening in comedy, what’s about to happen, and “What’s happening, Rog!” Then you weigh in with your two senses of humor in the comments below and we make sure that no comedy stone gathers moss by getting left unturned. Or something like that. This past week, of...

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Michael Che’s network TV debut on Late Show with David Letterman

Michael Che is having a great 2012. The young comedian has earned multiple TV credits on your cable dial, from IFC’s Bunk to Comedy Central’s John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show,¬†earned a pass into his dream club — the Comedy Cellar in NYC — and Friday night, he made his network TV debut on Late Show with David Letterman. In this appearance, Che explains gentrification, wonders about the extent of American obesity, puts a new twist on the argument that gay marriage leads to marrying animals, and what it’s like to love someone you do not like. Roll...

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Chris Rock’s message to white voters about President Barack Obama

Chris Rock, a Brooklyn native, helped Jimmy Kimmel close out his Brooklyn week of Jimmy Kimmel Live with a special pre-taped message directed to white voters about the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama. Turns out, if you really think about it, Obama is white. Genetically, he’s half-white. Which is something racists tend to overlook. So don’t overlook it. Look at it. Look at his record. As Rock will outline, Obama lives as much of a white lifestyle as you do, if not more so. Whereas Mitt Romney…well… Roll the...

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SNL #38.6 RECAP: Host Louis C.K., musical guest fun

Watching a nation embrace a comedian who has been performing for 25 years is fascinating to absorb in real time. Witness the audience reaction to Louis C.K. when he steps onstage inside 30 Rock for his monologue as host of Saturday Night Live, for instance. Heck.¬†Witness the reactions online and in print to anything Louis CK does at this point. It’s as if they guy can do no wrong. He’s not spiritually perfect, and he’ll be just as likely the first to remind you that in his act. And yet. And. Yet. On Saturday afternoon, Louis CK wrote a...

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