Day: November 1, 2012

Comedy Headlines for 11/1/12

What’s happening in the comedy world now… When you first heard of Charlie Sheen’s 10-episode that could become 100-episode deal with FX for Anger Management, you knew that meant you could wind up seeing twice as much Charlie Sheen on your regular TV dial in a few years, what with this new series and the one he was on just a couple of years ago, Two and A Half Men. Well, brace yourself for September 2014. That’s when a new syndication deal between Debmar-Mercury and FOX takes effect, putting Anger Management into weekday rotations of FOX affiliates WNYW-WWOR/New York,...

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Jimmy Kimmel meets David Letterman, and discusses what he has learned from him

Jimmy Kimmel idolizes David Letterman. Still does. When Kimmel grew up in Las Vegas, he celebrated a birthday party in a Late Night varsity jacket; the license plate on his car as a teen in Nevada read: “L8 NITE.” Last night, Kimmel finally had the opportunity to sit down with Letterman, and it all happened on Kimmel’s ABC show, Jimmy Kimmel Live — on the second of four (five had been planned, but post-tropical storm Sandy knocked out transit to all of NYC on Monday) nights broadcasting from Brooklyn. But a few hours before that, Kimmel talked to The...

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Phil Hanley on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Phil Hanley returned to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson the other night. Hanley never wears shorts. But he’s not vegan. You’ll learn a few other things about Hanley, too, in this performance. Such as the fact that he never kisses on the first date. Or the proper way to express a popular term of phrase. But perhaps I’m just nick-picking. Roll the...

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