Day: October 30, 2012

“Modern Comedian” series picked up by PBS Digital Studios

Scott Moran’s documentary series about the lives and work of stand-up comedians, “Modern Comedian,” will live on with a new distribution deal with PBS Digital Studios. Moran told The Comic’s Comic: “Yeah! It’s true. They approached me and made a great offer that works well for both of us so we sealed the deal. I’m very excited and have always loved PBS so getting to work with the PBS Digital Studios offshoot is exciting. The Digital Studios branch is just that, it’s digital programming with the same┬ásensibilities as PBS but made for the Internet and featured on a YouTube...

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the no-audience Hurricane Sandy edition

Inside and outside 30 Rockefeller Center, Jimmy Fallon and his Late Night staff produced their Monday episode a little bit earlier than usual. They could do so because they didn’t have a live studio audience. They had to do so because hurricane-force winds and storm surges from post-tropical storm Sandy forced them to, if they still wanted to broadcast a new show late Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Here is Fallon’s cold open and monologue. He opened cold — and wet — on the street outside 30 Rock along 50th Street in Midtown Manhattan. His guests were Seth...

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Comedy Headlines for 10/30/12

What’s happening in the comedy world now… The post-tropical storm named Sandy but also referred to as either a hurricane or a “Frankenstorm” prompted the cancellations Monday of live comedy shows in clubs across the Tri-State area, plus Broadway productions and show tapings of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and the first of a weeklong Brooklyn production of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The show still went on, however, for both Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon — both TV talkers hosted shows Monday, just without their regular live studio audiences. NBC announced it would...

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