Day: October 22, 2012

Comedy Headlines for 10/22/12

What’s happening in the comedy world now… Stephen Colbert revealed he’ll have a cameo in the upcoming movie trilogy adaptation of The Hobbit. Or will he? Colbert teased his visit to the movie set in an interview running in November’s issue of Playboy. Chevy Chase was grumpy again on the set of Community, except this time, his anger about his character’s apparent racism prompted him to wonder when the new writers would ask him to say a racial slur. And he said that slur. Chase then apologized to his cast mates. Somewhere Dan Harmon isn’t caring about all of...

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“Happy Endings: LIVE!” at the UCB Theatre, with a Kat Dennings cameo

Are you excited for the new season of Happy Endings to start this Tuesday on ABC? Would you like to spend an hour with the cast and writing staff of this happy-go-lucky sitcom watching them perform live comedy? If you were in Los Angeles over the weekend, then you could have done so in person, as they put on “Happy Endings: LIVE!” at the UCB Theatre. If not, don’t fret! You can watch it now, or anytime you please. It’s online for your pleasure. Adam Pally and Casey Wilson hosted the show, which includes a live edition of Pally’s...

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SNL #38.5 RECAP: Host and musical guest Bruno Mars

Saturday Night Live hosts who double as the musical guest often fall into one of two sub-groups: 1) Superstars asked to do comedy on live TV for the sheer novelty of it, or 2) musicians with such starpower as performers that there’s more than a hint that they may be just talented enough to pull off comedy with as much shazam as they do in song and dance. Anyone watching SNL in the past couple of years has noticed, too, that the show’s writers have been more than willing to find a way to squeeze a musical guest into...

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