Day: October 10, 2012

11 Things Even Jeff Dunham Fans Might Not Know About Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham’s latest special, Minding the Monsters, debuted on Comedy Central on Sunday night, and became available for purchase as a DVD on Tuesday. You may have known that already. Dunham’s fans almost certainly did. You also may have known that Dunham is perhaps the most successful comedian working the globe today — and don’t start arguing with me about whether a ventriloquist can be viewed on equal footing as stand-up comedians, because you’re wrong. And that’s not the point of this piece, anyhow. Yes, Dunham makes multi-millions of dollars per year in ticket sales, merchandise of his puppets...

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Review: Tig Notaro, “Live”

Being human is generally a miserable and painful experience. You always have to wait in lines for things, nobody answers their cell phones when you call them, and practically nowhere has free parking. Oh, and cancer. Cancer plays a big part in making life unavoidably miserable and painful for way too many people. I’m not a fan of cancer. I am, however, a fan of Tig Notaro’s, and I have been since her debut album Good One. Her latest, Live (pronounced like the verb instead of the adjective), is a massive leap away from Good One in terms of...

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Review: Jim Gaffigan, “Mr. Universe”

Jim Gaffigan opens his latest special, Mr. Universe, by immediately using his secondary, imaginary audience member voice to analyze his opening joke. He then follows that up by using a similar voice to criticize the first voice. In case you’re not too great with numbers, that’s two voices removed from his original joke-telling voice, which would be like if I started this review by writing, “What if this review sucks?” And then following that, in a totally different font so you know it’s supposed to be you talking, with “I won’t get back the time needed to read this.”...

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Comedy Headlines for 10/10/2012

What’s happening in the comedy world… Lewis Black’s limited run on Broadway, Running on Empty, opened last night. The eight performances go through Oct. 20, 2012, at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. FX announced it will postpone the broadcast of season four of Louie to spring 2014. It had been planned to debut in summer 2013, but Louis CK, the show’s creator/star/writer/producer/director/co-editor, requested a longer break. NBC announced it would not debut the new seasons of Community and Whitney in new Friday-night time slots on Oct. 19, 2012, as planned, citing the need to focus marketing on other nights. The shows...

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