Day: September 20, 2012

Andy Borowitz to host two “News Quiz USA” episodes for BBC Radio 4 in October 2012

After running a trial episode in March of its American adaptation of “News Quiz,” BBC Radio 4 is moving forward with at least two more episodes in October to bring American comedic sensibilities to the upcoming U.S. elections across the pond for British audiences. Andy Borowitz will host the two new episodes of News Quiz USA, to tape before live studio audiences at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, on Oct. 4 and Oct. 25. They’ll air on BBC Radio 4 on 8 Oct. and 29 Oct. (see how I wrote those dates backward so as...

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“We Made This Movie” provides late-night TV crossover for Arthur Meyer on David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon

New York City comedy fans — particularly those who make their second homes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres — might have gone bonkers last night seeing that Arthur Meyer was a guest on Late Show with David Letterman. Arthur Meyer was part of the recently late but always great sketch group Pangea 3000, has performed with Two Fun Men and directs current UCB “Maude” house sketch team Fambly. Meyer also is familiar to NBC late-night viewers as “Booner the Page” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where he’s also one of the show’s writers. So how does a...

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Netflix acquires U.S. rights to air Ricky Gervais series, “Derek,” coming in 2013

For his next TV comedy trick, Ricky Gervais will try to make Americans laugh not via cable TV nor TV at all, but rather, Netflix. The online streaming service announced late Wednesday that it had acquired the U.S. rights to broadcast the upcoming Gervais series, Derek, in 2013. Gervais plays a misfit who works in a retirement home. His co-workers include his long-running comedic target, Karl Pilkington, in Pilkington’s first “acting” role.¬†And like The Office before it, the main characters offer commentary to a documentary crew on set for reasons unexplained. Also unexplained is the reason for the look...

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Brian Posehn making “metal comedy” album with Anthrax’s Scott Ian

Brian Posehn long has noted his love of heavy metal music within his stand-up comedy act and in his life. Two years ago, he enlisted musicians including Anthrax’s Scott Ian to help out with a track called “More Metal Than You” on his album, Farts and Weiner Jokes. (See the music video for “More Metal Than You” if you haven’t already.) So why not a full-length metal comedy album? That’s exactly what Posehn is doing, again with the help of Ian. While in New York City last weekend for a string of club dates at Carolines on Broadway, Posehn...

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